About Me

Hi. I’m Sam (Not Samantha — that’s only for when I’ve behaved particularly badly).

I’ve been in digital marketing since 2016, actively working with amazing bloggers and writing blogs for clients. But the time has come for me to write something for myself, on my terms and without having to worry about client targets, ambitions or tone of voice.

First of all, let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room — yes. We have yet another mummy blog. As I said, I’ve been working with parenting bloggers for years, so I know they aren’t exactly an endangered species. You can find a mummy blogger from all different avenues of life, covering every topic imaginable. We love them, but they’re everywhere. So why do we need another?

The answer is, we probably don’t. But that’s okay. I wanted to write about a rich, varied topic. One that I’m passionate about and that’s close to my heart — and that’s parenting. It’s a difficult job, it’s a confusing job and it’s far from glamorous. Become a parent for two days and you’ll have a hundred new thoughts, emotions and questions you never before even contemplated. Which is probably why we have so many mummy bloggers in the first place. We’re just looking for a space (a space that’s ours where we can be at peace, because God knows it’s not the bathroom) to vent, muse and connect with other people.

One thing you should know about me is that I’m not a polished mum. I didn’t expect to be, as I was never a very polished human being!

I’m more often than not stressed out, exhausted and wondering what day it is. I work full-time and look after a really active two-year-old who is not yet in nursery. Barring the five minutes after I get dressed, my clothes are never clean (Charlie’s fingers are perpetually sticky). My hair is usually unbrushed and I genuinely never learned how to put makeup on like a real adult. I’m far from the classy mummy bloggers who we all know and love, but I know that a lot of mums out there are probably just as frazzled and bewildered as I am. And you’re my people. Let’s be frazzled and bewildered together, over a black coffee.

I’m here to share the funny and frustrating sides of parenting, while discussing the mental health struggles I’ve had since becoming a parent. It’s a difficult topic that’s still shrouded in a little bit of stigma and misinformation. While I am by no means a mental health professional (boring but necessary disclaimer), I think when we all talk about issues like anxiety and depression, it helps to demystify them.

I also want to take the opportunity and geek out about the industry I love. So If you are looking for tips on how to market your mummy blog, or how to improve your rankings, this is something I’ll be exploring.

Be gentle with me as I navigate the bloggy waters!

Please feel free to contact me for a chat: sam@yetanothermummyblog.com

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